Dr. Marie Kriegel, PhD

Dr. Marie Kriegel is a life coach and a hypnotherapist with background in clinical psychology and psychotherapy since 2005. Marie has completed Hypnosis training at The Milton H. Erickson Foundation in Phoenix and training in Cognitive Behavioral approaches at Beck Institute in Philadelphia. In addition, she is extending her education in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, NLP and Art Therapy.

Dr. Kriegel graduated with MA in Psychology and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic. She began her professional career as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and coach in mental health services in Czech Republic and Great Britain. Marie also has a working experience in corporate education and academic coaching. She was trained in a broad range of assessment, therapeutic and coaching techniques before she moved to Phoenix in 2011.

Dr. Kriegel believes that combining coaching and hypnosis with naturopathic treatment will open a whole new world of possibilities for any client. Her passion lies in helping, advising, encouraging, empowering, and supporting clients to enhance their performance and to be more effective in reaching their desired goals. Coaching and hypnosis can help clients to overcome difficult times, blocks, and stay on track with their healing process. She specializes in smoking cessation, cravings, weight management, stress, anxiety, pain management, fears and phobias, sports performance, confidence building and personal development and more.
“A goal without a date is just a dream.” Milton H. Erickson

Naturopathic Doctor Marie Kriegel