Nicole Anderson Goodrich MS, RD

Nicole Anderson Goodrich started her nutrition practice, Anderson’s Nutrition, in 2006 with a goal of using customized nutrition planning to improve client’s wellness. In the nine years since, her practice has helped hundreds of clients realize life goals by using agreed upon nutrition programs as a tool. Some examples of custom developed programs include gluten free menus and grocery store tours for new celiac patients, blood glucose management strategies for diabetic clients and menu optimization and supplementation for weekend warriors looking to boost athletic performance.

Anderson’s Nutrition offers health coaching and nutrition education sessions to clients. All sessions start with a discussion on what the client is looking to change in their life through nutrition. Throughout each session, discussions and goal setting will the client come to an agreed upon road map to reach the final goal. The individual path to success is as different as every client who pursues these life changes.

Nicole is a native of Phoenix and earned her BS and MS in Nutrition from Arizona State University (yes, UofA alums are still welcome). Currently she holds credentials as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition and is a trained Health Coach. Nicole is the proud, and very busy, mother of her 13-month-old daughter Abigail.

If you are ready for a healthy lifestyle change, and believe that nutrition will enable your success, we would love to speak with you. You can call 602-770-7611 or more information or email at

Naturopathic Doctor Nicole Anderson Goodrich