Dr. Chambers is an extraordinary naturopathic doctor. He treats the person not just the illness. His focus has been not only on my ailments, but my overall well-being, which has led to incredible results. I consider Dr Chambers to be more than just a doctor, he is a savor.

I am now 32 but when I was 28 I was suffering miserably from a stomach ulcer. My primary care doctor at the time, prescribed Prilosec and told me to take that until I felt better and when the ulcer acted up in the future I would take the medication when needed for the rest of my life.

After over a month of taking Prilosec, my stomach aches proceeded to get worse with heightened pain, to the extent that I couldn’t eat or sleep through the night.

This is when I decided to try the naturopathic route and made and appointment to see Dr. Chambers. I explained my symptoms and what was previously prescribed by another doctor. This is when Dr. Chambers offered a natural solution that would work to correct the issue by addressing the underlying cause. This excited me because I would no longer have to take a medication to just cover up my symptoms, instead I could work to correct and prevent it from happening in the future.

Treatments included a detoxifying cleanse, multiple treatments of acupuncture and intake of additional natural products to help clean and heal my digestive track.

After about 30 days I started to feel a lot better, my stomach pain was subsiding and I even had more energy. Today, at age 32 I feel great and have minimal to no stomach or digestive problems!

I love Dr Chambers and cannot thank him enough for his help. He is the best doctor I have come to know and even a better person.

I’m fortunate to know him and to call him a friend!

Gil Savransky, age 32
Internal Wholesaler at Cole Capital

After years of looking for the right type of medicine and the right type of treatments, I found that a lot of traditional medicine only treated my symptoms. It never attacked where the problem was stemming from.  Encountering some major health issues, I had to seek out non-traditional medicine.

Finding so many alternative treatments has brought me back to amazing health and I found my answers with Chambers Clinic. Offering hundreds of treatment options and with so many disciplines to pull from, I am inspired by his knowledge and treatment options for all levels of physical issues.

It’s not just about when you’re sick or feeling bad, it’s about preventative measures as well, and identifying when internally things might be going in a negative direction and treating them early.

Being an Olympic Athlete, my health has to be at top performance.  My body has to be able to handle the extra stress that hours of workouts and strenuous competitions cause in the body, while continuing to be able to recover quickly and efficiently.  Thanks to Dr. Chambers and his team, we are working together to stay in front of health problems and on my way to another Olympic run, Rio De Janero, Brazil in 2016!

April Steiner Bennett

2008 Beijing Olympian, Women’s Pole Vault

Marsha Skillicorn used to dread going to the doctor, but not anymore.  Dr. Chambers is always on time for appointments and takes the time to educate and explain things in terms that are easy to understand.  He never rushes through our appointments and is always professional but also personable and a very good listener. In my opinion this is crucial when it comes to patients describing symptoms.

When I started going to Dr. Chambers my thyroid was very low, my hormones were out of balance and I had chronic back pain. I did not want to treat my health symptoms with pharmaceuticals so I sought out a naturopathic doctor. I was blessed to find Dr. Chambers. With naturopathic medicines offered by Chambers Clinic my various medical issues have been addressed successfully, which are much healthier for my body.

Today, my thyroid is at a normal level and my hormone levels are balanced. This has eliminated the physical and emotional symptoms from being out of whack and my back pain has been greatly reduced from the acupuncture and prolotherapy shots.  I am so grateful for Dr. Chamber’s medical expertise and the difference he has made in my health.

Marsha Skillicorn, age 56

CPA Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Greenway Transportation Services

I knew Dr. Keith Chambers before he was a doctor – he’s a really good guy. I am able to talk with him about anything and he always offers great insight and compassion to our conversations. He never rushes through our appointments and spends the time that is needed to really hear me.

Like many people, I do not like to going to doctors’ offices, but when I need one I am glad to set an appointment with Dr. Chambers.

He is more than a doctor; he is a friend that goes beyond the call of duty to help you personally or to help when a difficult family medical need arises.

Pat Sullivan
CoFounder & CEO at Contatta, Inc.