Cancer Treatments


A diagnosis of cancer is definitely a wake-up call and can be an emotional experience for you and your family membestethoscope with green leaf . medical We understand your fears and concerns, and we are skilled in dealing with the symptoms and emotions associated with a cancer diagnosis. No matter where the cancer begins in your body or at what stage you learn of its presence, it needs to be addressed.


According to the American Cancer Society (ACA) (, American men have a 43% chance and American women have a 38% chance of being diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. In 2015, the ACA estimates 1.6 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the US.

Many factors may contribute to an individual’s chance of having cancer, including tobacco use, diet and nutrition, obesity and physical activity, sun and UV exposure, radiation exposure, environmental carcinogens, and to a lesser extent, genetics. While there are certain genes, such as BRCA1, BRCA2, that may increase the likelihood of getting cancer, there is no “one” definitive cause of cancer, and although surgery may be curative, it is not 100% effective. In fact, a 2004 evidence-based analysis showed that chemotherapy only contributed 2.1% to the five-year survival rate.


We follow a course of naturopathic approaches to cancer treatment, which includes intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy, supplements, detoxification, and therapeutic lifestyle modifications including diet and nutrition. Our goal is to strengthen the body’s natural surveillance system so that the immune cells can do their job and destroy tumor cells. This approach can be used whether you are on chemotherapy and/or radiation or choose to forego conventional treatments altogether. Killing off a fast-growing tumor mass with chemotherapy and radiation leaves behind the slowly dividing tumor stem cells that are the root cause of the cancer and recurrence. Our treatment plan can help many types of cancers regardless of stage. Vitamins and herbs are a part of this “smart medicine” because they have been shown to kill these cancer stem cells.

Our cancer program utilizes a comprehensive approach that is individually tailored. IV therapy is at the heart of our treatment program with most patients receiving two to four IVs per week. Our nutrient IVs may contain varying levels of high-dose vitamin C and sodium bicarbonate that selectively kill tumor cells but leave normal, healthy cells unharmed. The majority of cancers are caused by the environment, infections, and obesity, so nutrition, diet, and detoxification are at the foundation of this treatment program. An 18-year controlled clinical study by Blumar and Cranton showed that heavy-metal detoxification decreased cancer mortality 90%. Lymphatic massage, colon hydrotherapy, sauna, and constitutional hydrotherapy aid in detoxification and promote healing. Energy is balanced through acupuncture, hormones, proper sleep, and exercise. Finally, emotional scars are addressed along with stress management.

When patients follow our recommendations, they may see a drastic improvement in symptoms, quality of life, stability of the disease, or even remission. Progress is tracked through labs and imaging. While some patients use naturopathic approaches in addition to traditional cancer-treatment therapies, they can also be used as a stand-alone methodology.