Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional Hydrotherapy is used to increase the delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and immune system elements to the major internal organs of the body. At the same time it speeds the removal of metabolic wastes, inflammatory substances, and environmental toxins from the tissues by enhancing venous and lymphatic flow away from the major organs. The warming and relaxing aspects of the treatment are used to encourage the relief of stress.


Specific variations and combinations may be used to individualize the treatment for different disease conditions to meet a variety of patient needs. Chronic and acute lung conditions may use steam inhalations in conjunction, or add Epsom salts to the hot towel phase to enhance dilation in the bronchial passages. Rheumatoid conditions may use Epsom salts and medicated massage oil to the joints before treatment.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy can help to improves immune system function, aid in nutrition delivery to the tissues, digestive function, help elimination of wastes and toxins, increases filtration of the kidney and to enhance oxygen exchange in the lungs.

Additionally, Constitutional Hydrotherapy can be implemented in programs to help treat acute asthma, acute bladder infections, significant bleeding conditions, tachycardia, fevers, high blood pressure and mental agitation.


Constitutional Hydrotherapy is a combination treatment that uses hot and cold applications with low volt electrical sine wave stimulation. The specific pattern of therapy was created by an incredibly successful doctor of naturopathic medicine named O.G. Carroll., and has been used more often than any other advanced naturopathic hydrotherapy treatment in the past century.

The application of sine wave currents (or other mild electrical currents) is used in different locations and applied in a pulsed, massage-like rhythm to relax and tonify skeletal muscles, to enhance smooth muscle function in the internal organs, or to stimulate the function of different areas through nerve root stimulation. There is a combined effect in the hot applications that dilate the arterial blood vessels, short cold that constricts, and sine-wave massage currents that stimulate the muscles and nerves moving venous blood and lymph flow. This combined effect enhances the healing capacity of the body in many conditions, and is used in conjunction with other therapies.

Hot towels are applied to the chest and abdomen in several warm layers. When the body and skin is sufficiently warm, the hot towels are replaced with a thin cold towel that is covered with layers of wool blanket. The body quickly warms the towel, and during this phase, low volt massage currents may be used. A dry phase with electrical stimulation to the abdomen and back area may follow. The hot, cold, and warming towel phases will be repeated on the back.

The treatment itself lasts between 45-60 minutes. Additional time is taken in evaluation before and after treatment. Most treatments are scheduled in 90 minute intervals to allow for ample time.

This is determined by your primary care doctor. Acute upper or lower respiratory infections may require only one or two treatments. Many chronic conditions will have treatments prescribed in a series. Constitutional Hydrotherapies are often prescribed anywhere from twice per week, to five times per week, depending on the severity of the case or the speed needed to effect change.