Environmental Detoxification


Environmental detoxification is often the first step in restoring health. If you feel sluggish, tired, or just not quite yourself, you should consider detoxification. In just seven days, you can feel better with this all natural and comprehensive detox.


An often overlooked component of many symptoms is the environmental burden on the body, especially the liver. The liver is expected to cleanse the body of toxins, including xeno-estrogens and fat-soluble toxins.

We unknowingly expose ourselves to substances every day through what we breathe, what we apply to our skin and what we ingest. These environmental toxins can overwhelm our natural ability to detoxify and we need to restore our body’s ability to cleanse on its own.


To cleanse the body and clear the channels, we have developed a comprehensive “detox” program that improves overall health, reduces stress and also reduces symptoms and fatigue. Cleansing your body leaves you feeling more lively and healthful, and with a deeper sense of peace and well-being.

The detoxification package includes:

One hour initial consultation, personalized nutrition & supplementations, detailed sample meal plans, far-infrared sauna , deep tissue/lymphatic massage, constitutional hydrotherapy and colon hydrotherapy.

In just one week you can boost your immune system, enhance mental clarity, increase energy, promote weight-loss and improve quality of sleep, all which will aid in your overall vitality.