Nutritional Education & Treatments

Nutrition Education sessions are available if you are looking to learn more about a healthier lifestyle or if you have need to manage a disease and/or condition.

Examples of some education topics:
• Weight Management
• Clean Eating
• Diabetes management
• Celiac Disease
• Irritable Bowl Syndrome
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Hypertension
• High Cholesterol
• Pregnancy and Nursing


Each session takes your lifestyle and designs a customized program to achieve your desired outcomes. We will work explore different pathways until we find one that will work.

Sessions start by taking a baseline of your current health status which maybe through labs, performing a diet analysis and exercise regiments. From there, we will look at what steps are needed to get you on track. Meal planning options are available, as well as grocery store tours and customized exercise programs.

Nutritional Health Coaching


Health coaching is available for individuals that wish to make that lifestyle change to become healthier and acknowledge that they need more continued support to do so. Often we know what we should be doing, but somewhere we fall off the wagon and end up in our same old ways. Coaching sessions will help the client refocus on their health goals and provide support to get there.

All lifestyle changes are welcome. As an example, health coaching for a client who has diabetes could result in more controlled blood glucose levels and weight reduction.


Health coaching sessions is geared towards behavior changes. Through motivational interviewing and goal setting, you can make changes to achieve that healthy lifestyle.

Using this approach, our weight loss clients have been able to modify day to day behaviors. As a result they see the weight come off and stay off for years.

Appointment Availability

Wednesdays – 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturdays – 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

To schedule nutritional services please call 602.770.7611 or email