Using your body’s own healing potential

Chambers Clinic is here to provide you with the latest and most effective stem cell therapies. As the leading clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, our stem cell treatment is ideal for chronic pain, arthritis, tendonitis, torn ligaments, spinal issues, and several other sports injuries. Let us help you reach your peak optimal performance. Are you suffering from low back, knee, shoulder, neck, or other joint pain? We are here to help. Additionally, stem cells have been proven to rejuvenate skin and treat hair loss.

The field of Regenerative Medicine has made great strides to deliver research based and non-invasive therapies to manage pain, provide natural aesthetics, and reverse disease. At Chambers Clinic, we offer several stem cell therapies including harvesting live stem cells directly from the patient. In less than 4 hours, cells are isolated and delivered in the same visit. Our amazing staff and team of doctors are with you every step of the way to ensure the most comfortable and painless experience. No down time. No more pain killers. Get back to doing what you love to do!

“Doc, I have no pain. My knees haven’t felt this good in years. Can’t thank you enough”
-January 2018