Computerized Vega Testing (EAV)

Computerized Vega Testing can identify imbalances (hidden causes of illness) in the entire body, including the Organ & Glandular Systems. Testing can determine Food, Allergy & Environmental Sensitivities, Nutritional Deficiencies and Supplement Compatibility.


What is Vega Testing?

Basic Vega testing has been used in Europe and around the world for close to 80 years now. It is a diagnostic machine used by a skilled practitioner to determine individuals imbalances in Body and Organs Systems and for Sensitivity Testing.


Computerized Electrodermal Vega Testing Practitioners (CEDS/EAV)

Use Acupuncture Points (without piercing the skin). This enables them to utilize precise readings and diagnostics of the Body’s Systems, connected to these Acupuncture Meridians which connect to Organ and Body Systems.


How does it work?

Computerized Vega machines electronically measure bio electric energy flowing along the meridians, which are particular pathways within the body. This is much like a circuit board in a computer or electronics.


Meridians link internal organs and body systems with more than 100 acupuncture points throughout the body.


This method measures the body’s ability to conduct energy and it designed to indicate disruptions in the flow of the energy along these pathway meridians.


When a blockage occurs along these pathway meridians show less bio energetic energy or Chi is moving.


Eventually this lack of energy can result in illness whether it is in the form of inflammation for a newer imbalance or a more degenerative lower imbalance number, which can indicate problems which have been occurring over a longer period of time.

Why should I get Vega Testing done?

Bio energetic testing accurately helps the clinician identify illness in their pre-clinical or early stages of development.


This technology is excellent for detecting health disorders in the early stages so that disease can help be prevented.


It works at finding the cause of illness opposed to to just treating the symptoms


Which conditions can benefit from Testing? What can Vega Testing Identify:


*Individuals with Pre-existing Chronic or Degenerative diseases can see marked improvement with diagnostics, and with protocols.


*Detects Deficient Energy or Inflammation in particular Organ or Body Systems.


*Determining what Digestive Organ is not working properly causing Gas, Bloating, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel and Allergies.


*It determine what component is causing the Allergies in the Body System from weakness in the Stomach, Lungs, Lymphatic, Sinuses or Digestion.


*Identifying and Strengthen the Immune System & Organ Systems can reduce frequent Colds, Flu‘s and Allergies.


*Identifying the weak Immune or Digestive Systems components and strengthening these and your body can protect against Allergens and Pathogens such as Bacteria and Viruses.


*Identifying what Body or Glandular System is weak and matching remedies to help strengthen the body handle Stress, Mood & Sleep more efficiently


*Identifying the Organ or Body Systems that are imbalanced help can determine why PMS, Menopause, and Hormonal and Mood imbalances are happening.


*Evaluate and Strengthen Organ and Glandular Systems which are negatively effected by aging for women and men’s can result in more Vigour, Stamina and Energy.


*Identify and Reduce Cellular Inflammation for Anti-Aging and Aches Pains and Athletic Optimization.


*Increase Cognition and Memory by determining Food Allergens, Inflammatory components and Nutritional Deficiencies.


*Reduce Cellular Inflammation and Autoimmune Allergies & Strengthen Organ Systems for improved Fertility and Reproductive Health.


*Auto Immune disorders can improve considerably with optimizing Organ Systems and Identifying and eliminating Food and Airborne Allergic Reactions.


*Help Identify components which may be affecting Weight Management such as Blood Sugar, Digestive function and Hormone and Endocrine imbalances.


*Identify Food intolerances. These can negatively contribute to skin, digestive and respiratory problems.


*Indicate what Phenolics, which are chemicals or aromatics found in food, nature, or your environment which is causing allergic reactions.


*Identify and help eliminate AirBorne Allergens (Pets dander, dust, pollen, scents and chemicals).


* Identify and help eliminate Food Sensitivities. (Foods, spices, beverages and food additives)


*Identify stressors in Cardiovascular Health and Nutritional Deficiencies. Balance them out with proper herbs, supplements and essential fats.


*Help distinguish root causes of Migraine, and Brain Fog, and Fatigue through Sensitivity and Organ Testing and Nutrition and Supplements.


*Ensure the Detox Pathways are open in the body for Elimination of Toxins, Chemicals, Allergens, and Excessive Hormones to help prevent acute and degenerative conditions.


*Determine Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies


*Mould or Fungal and Candida Sensitivity


*Bacterial or Viral pathogens


*Environmental & Chemical Sensitivity


*Heavy Metals


*Electromagnetic stress


*It can give incite on what is the safest cleanse for your particular body.


*Determines whether your present Supplements, Herbs or Homeopathic are effective for your body chemistry.


*Test and add the most effective Remedy (Vitamin, Mineral, Herb or Homeopathic)for your Individual Bio Chemistry to optimize Health Energy and Vitality.


*Optimize your Sports and Nutrition regime products.


*Determines Health and Body Care products Compatibility and Allergies


*Determine what Genes have been turned on. Add additional Diet, Nutrients and Lifestyle changes to improve these.