Jacqueline Clow is a graduate of the Academy of International Bio Energetic Sciences in London. She has practiced Bio Energetic Medicine for 15 years. This includes being a Certified Computerized Vega Sensitivity Testing Practitioner CEDS/EAV.  Diagnostics include: Full Body Diagnostics and Organ Testing, Food, Allergy, Air Borne and Environmental Sensitivity Testing, along with testing supplement compatibility. 


Her particular CEDS/EAV protocol using acupuncture points (without piercing the skin) enables her to utilize precise readings and diagnostics of the body’s systems. The testing helps select your most compatible product for improvement, along with her recommendations for specific diet and lifestyle changes for accelerated healing and results. 


Jacqueline has been a Registered Nutritional Counselor, Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Clinic owner for 9 years. Jacqueline has been a practicing herbalist for 24 years and is a Holistic Herbal Studies Program graduate. She uses preventative medicine, anti-aging protocols, and specialty diets. 


Jacqueline uses Epi-Genetics, which is the science of turning on and off the genes of diseases, by changing diets, lifestyles, and adding specific supplements and herbs. She incorporates her Vega diagnostics, which allows her to looks at what ones are presently indicating imbalances and helps the client to make changes to positively affect them.

Jacqueline Clow

EAV/Vega Testing, Herbalism, Nutrition

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