April is Cancer Control Month

We hate cancer.

This disease has robbed too many of too much.

As naturopathic doctors, the physicians at Chambers Clinic are committed to helping our patients lead healthy and happy lives.

Naturopathic medicine is special because in order to practice this kind of medicine, a physician must do some things that are not routinely done in regular medical practices, especially when it comes to chronic diseases like cancer.

We help you get to the root cause

Naturopathic doctors are trained to investigate the root cause of disease, and not to focus only on the symptoms. This is particularly important in controlling cancer. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 75-80% of cancers in the United States could be prevented by following healthy lifestyle practices. What better way is there to control cancer than to prevent it in the first place? To put this into perspective, over 1,8000,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in the United States in 2020. The estimated annual national expenditures for cancer exceeded $150 BILLION dollars. Just imagine 75% of those people not being diagnosed with cancer and imagine 75% of $150 billion dollars being saved every year. If implementing healthy lifestyle habits can produce these kinds of results, why doesn’t everyone know what healthy lifestyle habits are? Why isn’t this information being trumpeted from every rooftop?

The power of Docere: The root word of doctor that means "to teach"

This brings us to another important aspect of practicing naturopathic medicine: in Latin: docere or "to teach". The doctors at Chamebrs Clinic are committed to educating patients so that they can be active participants in their own health. This commitment is important at all stages of health, from prevention to treatment. Taking the time to explain exactly what healthy lifestyle habits are, what adverse risk factors are, and working with patients to come up with a plan for lasting health is what naturopathic doctors do.

Our naturopathic doctors are all well-versed in helping patients learn how to implement healthy lifestyle habits into their lives. We offer services to help people determine what their health risks are and how to mitigate them. We use specialty testing, analysis, and education to guide patients to their best health.

Partners in prevention

At Chambers Clinic we’re doing our best to shout about the power of prevention from our rooftop every single day. We would like nothing more than to see cancer more controlled, or better yet eliminated altogether.

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