April is Yellow Flowers/Allergies Get Crazy Month

Did you know that April is National Cancer Control Month as well as National Stress Awareness month and National IBS Awareness month?

April is also notable for another more local occurrence -- the arrival of spring allergy season.

It’s this time of year when the palo verde and mesquite trees are blooming and the wind is blowing and many people call the clinic looking for natural allergy solutions. Thankfully, at Chambers Clinic we have both short term and long term solutions for your allergies.

Hista Pro to the rescue

For short-term relief nothing is faster and more effective than our HistaPro supplement. HistaPro is a Chambers Clinic exclusive and is specially formulated to stop allergy symptoms fast, often knocking out allergic symptoms in 30 minutes or less.

HistaPro is an excellent choice for those with irritating seasonal allergy symptoms. For maximum effectiveness HistaPro can be started in the weeks prior to the onset of allergy symptoms and continued until the season passes. We recommend a loading dose over a 10 day period and most patients find that this alone keeps allergies at bay throughout the "season".

HistaPro can also be successfully used on an as needed basis. HistaPro is very helpful in preventing allergies during outdoor spring activities; just take 30 minutes or so before heading out the door. HistaPro is only available at our Scottsdale or Tempe offices, or by shopping at our online supplement store.

Allergy testing and "SLIT"

For those people who experience allergies more frequently than just during the spring allergy season -- think allergies to dogs, cats, molds, dust mites, etc. -- Chambers Clinic has another excellent treatment option.

This treatment is called Sublingual Immunotherapy, or SLIT, and is a natural way to train the body to no longer be allergic. SLIT works by administering a carefully controlled dose of the item or items a person is allergic to as an oral spray. The treatment begins with a daily dose of a very dilute concentration of allergy substances. Over the course of a few months the dose of the allergy concentration is gradually increased. The body responds to this by creating an immune tolerance. That is, the person’s immune system learns to tolerate the allergic substances, and exposure to these things no longer causes allergic symptoms. This is a very effective and safe manner to treat chronic and persistent allergies. While SLIT typically take several months to be maximally effective, the treatment is administered at home and is very reasonably priced. And most important -- it can keep you allergy free for years to come,

Call our office today (480) 389-3265, option 3, to learn more about Chambers Clinic's allergy treatment options.

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